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There is a super article in the archives over at The Philadelphia Enquirer about fashion and politics. It includes suggestions of the meaning of certain wardrobe color choices, and what those colors convey to the public. And, the article gives some specific gossip and critique about who wore what where (Was that Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-Michigan) looking soooo eighties at the 2007 State of the Union speech?)

(excerpt from) The Philadelphia Enquirer
State of the attire: Powerful prefer pastels
By Elizabeth Wellington, Inquirer Fashion Writer

If it’s true that politicians use every means at their disposal to make a point, the adoption of lighter colors could signify a desire to connect with a disenchanted public, experts say.

“When people wear soft, pastel colors, the message is one of approachability,” said Leatrice Eiseman, author of Color, Messages and Meanings (Handbook Press, $39.99) and spokeswoman for the Seattle-based Pantone Color Institute.

“It’s a completely different message from the red, power tie. . . . They are saying, ‘I’m really one with you.’ The pastel colors are not so much in your face.”

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