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[Hope you will take a few moments to read my poem. Though, if you are looking for miner Victor Zamora’s own words, there are excerpts from one of his poems at the Latin American Herald Tribune: here.]


Princess Jessica of Chile

He, being first thought dead
and now weary from the long ordeal

She, having transformed her worries
into curling hair, polished lips,
and the desire to become
a symbol of welcome and life to him

He, stepped out from the cage that
pulled him up from underground

She, sending their child ahead
as an emissary of hope
with the first hug

He, slightly disoriented
then remembers he has her
Has this treasure of life
this alliance he formed and nourished
this partnership and comfort he can return to

She sees it is time to step towards him
with her beauty, and compassion,
and jewels of grace.

They remake their union
in a long, slow
in a long, slow nearly forever embrace

Her crown topples to the ground

For a moment, no one sees
it is a hard hat in place of royal jewels
a miner’s helmet falling to the earth,
bearing witness, bringing attention

a miner’s life falling to the earth
with the eyes of the world

poem by Kimberly Wilder

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